Khoya - mawa - khawa Rabri

Rabri is type of indian desert famous in mostly northern parts of india. Rabri is mostly served with jalebi,malpuwa ,gulabjamun and used while making Rasmalai. Rabri is Sweetened full cream milk with richness of milk cream and dry fruits.
Rabri is made by reducing full cream milk and flavoring with dry fruits and aromatic cardamoms. Cooking rabri needs time and attention after every few minutes is necessary .As it may stick and burn at the bottom.
I have posted here Saffron mawa rabri recipe which is quick and hassle free ,just follow the step by step process and fail proof Kesar mawa Rabri will be ready in few minutes.Generally rabri takes more time to make as milk needs to be reduced by simmering it on low flame, but this mawa rabri is quick as mawa /khoya is added in semi thickened milk for making rich ,creamy rabri.
There are many different types of khoya available ,make sure you are using soft khoya for making rabri as it incorporates in thick milk easily.
As  ugadi  is  around  the  corner  enjoy  making  this  relishing indian sweet khoya rabdi on the festive occasion.

Cooking time:25 min

·         Milk 1 litre,
·         Khoya 1 cup
·         Sugar 1/2 cup
·         Almonds 10 pieces,
·         Saffron strands 7-8
·         Pinch of Cardamom powder

Directions to cook:

1.Add milk in thick bottom big pan .Bring milk to boil .As milk need to be reduced for making Rabri keep it on low flame and stir in between so it won't get burnt. It takes nearly 20 minutes to thicken milk for making khoya rabri.
2.Soak some almonds in water overnight.Peel almonds covers and run almonds in grinder with some milk to get almonds paste.
3.Cut almonds, cashews in small pieces for garnishing and keep aside.
4.Saute khoya /mawa in thick bottom pan for 2-3 minutes. After roasting khoya in this way it will become soft . For making it more softer and creamy knead it with hands.
5.When milk gets reduced add soft khoya and almonds paste in it.
6.Add sugar in Khoya rabri and simmer it for few more minutes.Keep on stirring in between.
7.Finally Sprinkle pinch of cardamom powder  and saffron strands on Rabri and switch off gas.
8.Garnish Saffron khoya Rabri  with cut dry fruits and  serve chill or warm.
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  1. Thank you for appreciation Meri rasoi..

  2. this was a such a fabulous broccoli yoghurt and its recipe is really simple i have to save this page for making this recipe. thanks.chowringhee satya niketan menu


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