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It was kids picnic time ,which lead us to get an electrifying experience at the stunning Gardens by the bay .Gardens by the bay is one of the top attractions of Singapore and favorite of millions of visitors like us.
Its  nature park which consists of many sections and displays the beauty of plants ,flowers ,forests , trees ,water falls and what’s not. Its very huge  park and  has three waterfront gardens. Main attractions in the park are  OCBC skyway ,Super tree grove ,Flower dome , cloud  forest  , Bayeast garden  , Heritage gardens , Sun pavilion , World of plants , Art sculptures.

Gardens by the bay  has  lush green and tropical trees, breath taking display of flowers found across the world. Infinite variety of flowers with various shapes , colors  and fragrance are put on display.The arrangement of these flower plants , trees  is extremely beautiful and it looks like perfect painting.  We explored each  and every part of this stunning place  and  totally  lost into the beauty of these gardens.

Gardens by the bay is excellent example of garden artistry.Its every nook and corner has lush greenery are freshness.Big trees and plants have given attractive shapes and planted in designed patterns.  Cloud forest , flower dome, super tree grove  were never seen before places for us.We couldn't take our eyes off for a second from these sights.

Cloud forest  is completely different world.. I always read about rain forest  but could never imagine this would be so beautiful and  magnificent . Artifitial rain forest is created in completely dedicated dome and that's cloud forest.
Cloud  forest has water fall in it and allover  cool  and refreshing mist. Mountain views and  mist are perfectly present the rain forests.Anyone who enters this dome feels so refreshed with its environment. This cloud forest has carefully selected  rare plants , trees ,bushes.Required temperature is maintained in the complete dome which is very necessary for survival of these rare nature species. With increasing pollution, heat and weather changes these rain forests are disappearing and we could understand the reasons for it.

Super tree grove:  It has  Massive  super trees which are designed of height 9-16 storey buildings. These are tree  like vertical gardens and connected with skyways. People can take troll on these skyways and take bird eye view of gardens. 
We enthralled the special performance Garden rhapsody.It's music show which is scheduled in super tree grove for perticuler interval. Its impeccable  combination of music and beautiful lights  played at the super tree grove. Music played gives the feeling as these giant trees are dancing.  It was electrifying experience to see  this music show Garden Rhapsody.

Flower dome is special dome designed for flowers across world.Its actually giant dome which maintains ideal temperature for its residents.Ah for its plants, trees and flowers i mean  actually
It has various sections  dedicated to plants also.
Colors and fresh aroma of beautiful  flowers, Spectacular  views of  number of plants and trees make it more exceptional. Moreover each and every plant , tree in the garden is taken care of. 
Kids were exhilarated to see enormous types of flowers and butterflies  specially.Sia collected few very pretty flowers to take home as well.Gardens by the bay is  like heaven.. if there is heaven somewhere.. then surely it must be like  these gardens only.

We  felt super charged in this gardens picnic.Fresh air , cool breeze , and aroma of  flowers and plants rejuvenated us . Something which is  really missing in metropolitan cities nowadays.

Big giant park has its own  children's playground as well. And it was obvious for kids to jump into play ground the fun place.
Play ground  has children balancing beams , hanging bridges ,slides and much more to play, jump and enjoy. We relived the moment of childhood by seeing children play in it .
Gardens  by the bay has all colors of nature spread on  its canvas and after coming out I felt myself as flower.. Probably being in environment of infinite fragrant flowers  I wanted to be always there like them. We loved every moment of picnic at  these stunning gardens.

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